When you do something that you love—you’re filled with joy and excitement and for a short spell of time you’re transported into a world where your fears, anxiety and stress just melt away. Hobbies are a diversion and they heal the mind and body and that’s why hobbies are considered healthy.

The primary aims and objectives of any mental healthcare company is to improve the overall quality of life for every individual and this can be done only by making them more confident, more independent and by encouraging wellbeing.

When individuals indulge in hobbies, they are shifting the focus from themselves to something else other than what they normally do. Everyone knows that an ‘idle mind is the devil’s workshop’, and when it has nothing to chew on, the mind reigns supreme and controls your actions and behaviour. For instance, if you take up painting as a hobby, you are so totally absorbed in what you’re doing that there is no room in your mind for anything else.

Hobbies help to de- stress; all the worries that seemed to follow you everywhere, vanish in a trace. Doing them regularly also make’s you feel good about yourself. They help build your confidence over time and gradually there is a newer ‘you’ that can take the stiffest challenges in its stride.

Typically, the human brain has an infinite capacity for learning, new ideas and hobbies are a great way to exercise those grey cells to their limit. As learning expands, the mind grows too and the person is transformed into someone whose mental prowess is much stronger than what it was previously. Hobbies nourish the mind, get the cells working overtime and restore people to their former glory.

Why hobbies are healthy Swinburne Housing

When many people have the same hobby, they have a common denominator and this paves the way to establishing connections and networking. More importantly, people come out of the shells in which they lay imprisoned so long. The world becomes a newer place and each day becomes a joy. They have something to look forward to everyday and this serves to strengthen their purpose for living.

As hobbies can be indulged in whenever it so pleases them, individuals don’t have the fear of deadlines and don’t have to answer to anybody about their performance. Whatever the hobby, be it reading, writing, painting, solving puzzles, learning more about something—it acts as a stimulus to the mind while helping it to relax. Time flies without your knowing it and the present blends with the future.

When inmates at Swinburne Housing cultivate hobbies, it becomes easier for nurses and caregivers to look after them. While maximising their existing skills and teaching them new ones, nurses help individuals with mental problems to take things in their stride, deal with challenges and gradually move on successfully into the community.

Research has shown that by engaging in enjoyable pastimes, individuals move to higher levels of psychological states, learn to curb depression and stifle the negativity within themselves. Of course, it has been said that blood pressure levels decrease as does the total cortisol and body mass index.

Good health leads to good mental health and good mental health leads to good wellbeing. By providing mental health support in Derby, Swinburne Housing aims to provide support and high quality care to its service users.