Supported Housing & Living

What service do we provide?

Knowing the difference between various providers and the service they offer can be a little confusing. Nowadays there are mental health care homes, rehab facilities, supported living accommodations, supported housing, emergency housing and more. So we wanted to clarify exactly the service we provide at Swinburne Housing.

Swinburne Housing is a supported housing provider; however we can also fall into the category of supported living (depending on the each local authorities definition).

Typical Support Tasks

Each service user has their own individual needs, so support tasks may vary. However, these are some of most common:

  • Observation of overall mental health and well-being

  • Attending and keeping up with all professional appointments

  • Assistance with budgeting; applying for various benefits & developing sensible spending habits

  • Ensuring correct compliance with medication regimes

  • Development of a sustainable living routine through meaningful activities

  • Help with adhering to their personalised support plan

  • 24 hour on call support staff available

Our Commitments

  • To maintain a client focused approach to support that concentrates on the needs of the individual

  • To provide a structured environment where individuals can develop life skills with support around their daily activities

  • To encourage service users to be as independent as possible and to make informed choices in everyday decisions

  • To encourage positive working relationships between staff and service users that fosters open communication

  • To motivate residents to become involved in their local community where they can become active and positive members of society

Would you like to submit a referral?

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