Whats on offer?

Knowing the difference between various providers and the service they offer can be a little confusing. Nowadays there are mental health care homes, rehab facilities, supported living accommodations, supported housing, emergency housing and more. So we wanted to clarify exactly the service we provide at Swinburne Housing.

Swinburne Housing is a supported housing provider; however we can also fall into the category of supported living.

What is Supported Housing?

The purpose of supported housing is to ensure that people with support needs can live a healthy and fulfilling life within their own home and community. Services can range widely based upon the client group (elderly, mental health, learning difficulties etc).

Swinburne Housing is a provider for people with ongoing mental health needs who require support to stabilise their lives and live independently in the community.

What is Supported Living?

The NHS defines supported living services as a “combination of suitable accommodation with some forms of personal care; however this personal care mustn’t be provided by the housing owner or operator, but by a registered homecare agency or provider.”

Supported living homes can be shared with multiple people who suffer from a similar health problem such as mental health.

At Swinburne Housing we do not provide any form of personal care, but should a service user require it then a registered homecare agency provider is more than welcome to visit the premises to carry out that care.

Aims and Objectives

As a provider of mental health support and accommodation, the primary aims and objectives of our service are to better and improve the overall quality of life of our service users, whilst taking into account the wishes and expectations of each individual.

Based in Derby / Derbyshire, we provide support and accommodation to people with complex needs; these needs can vary from a long history of schizophrenia, to suffering from personality disorder – commonly following on from a period of drug or alcohol abuse. Over our 35 years in business, we have amassed the experience and tools to deliver a service that exceeds across the board; sincere support, high quality accommodation and clear pathways to recovery and further independence.

Our Derbyshire based mental health support service strives to enable our service users to overcome the difficulties that led them into adversity in society and to attain the highest level of functioning that they are capable of reaching. We strive to maintain stable tenancies by encouraging independence, confidence and well being. Our tenants are assisted to manage their mental health within a supportive environment with the aim of eventually moving on after a number of encouraging years. The service users right to an ordinary life is upheld at all times and we aim to provide a place of safety in a caring environment at all of our supported accommodations. As part of our service; we work with each person on creating a unique support plan that accommodates their individual needs and goals. Ultimately we strive to be flexible in the service delivery and as accommodating as possible.

Our Commitments

  • To provide a structural environment where individuals can develop life skills with support around their daily activities.

  • To encourage service users to make informed choices in everyday decisions.

  • To encourage service users to make healthy friendships and visit places of interest within a supported environment.

  • To maintain a client focused approach to support that concentrates on the needs of the individual.

  • To encourage positive working relationships between staff and service users that fosters open communication.

  • To assist residents towards a better level of individual functioning.

  • To encourage service users to be independent and gain the necessary skills to live independently.

  • To provide a nurturing environment where residents enjoy comfort, physical security and privacy.

  • To motivate residents to become active, valued and respectable members of society.

  • To provide an environment with equal opportunities to participate in day to day activities.

  • To motivate service users to attend all relevant appointments at various Derbyshire mental health services.