Whats on offer?

Knowing the difference between various providers and the service they offer can be a little confusing. Nowadays there are mental health care homes, rehab facilities, supported living accommodations, supported housing, emergency housing and more. So we wanted to clarify exactly the service we provide at Swinburne Housing.

Swinburne Housing is a supported housing provider; however we can also fall into the category of supported living with any personal care elements not being carried out by ourselves, but by a registered homecare provider that may visit the premises and deliver that care.
Swinburne Housing - Supported Living

What is Supported Housing?

The purpose of supported housing is to ensure that people with support needs can live a healthy and fulfilling life within their own home and community. Services can range widely based upon the client group (elderly, mental health, learning difficulties etc).

Swinburne Housing is a provider for people with ongoing mental health needs who require support to stabilise their lives and live independently in the community.

What is Supported Living?

The NHS defines supported living services as a “combination of suitable accommodation with some forms of personal care; however this personal care mustn’t be provided by the housing owner or operator, but by a registered homecare agency or provider.”

Supported living homes can be shared with multiple people who suffer from a similar health problem such as mental health.

At Swinburne Housing we do not provide any form of personal care, but should a service user require it then a registered homecare agency provider is more than welcome to visit the premises to carry out that care.

Our Commitments

  • To provide a structural environment where individuals can develop life skills with support around their daily activities